I am Sakiko, the owner. I was born in Fukui City in 1986.
I spent my high school years in Fukui, but I didn’t want to stay in my hometown, so I moved to Tokyo!
I spent my university and working life in Tokyo and Aichi, but my sense of values changed after the Great East Japan Earthquake and I made a U-turn to Fukui in 2015.

I spent half a year with my friends renovating a 60-year-old private house as a DIY project and opened a guesthouse.

Now, while raising two children, I also teach Japanese at a correspondence high school during the day. If the timing is right, my children may serve guests…I would be happy to have your company at that time, if you would like.

#Architecture #communitydevelopment #childrearing #education #history #humanitiesingeneral #Shiina Ringo

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