1.Please check the calendar below for availability.

Please understand the below symbols:
MD: Male dormitory
・FD: Female dormitory
PR: Private room
○: Room is empty and available
×: Room is full and not available
#: # vacancies available in the room
For example, “FD 1” means that the female dormitory has one vacancy available and “MD: ×” means that the male dormitory is full and not available.



2. After confirming the above, please email us at sammies291gh@gmail.com


※For rush bookings (previous or same day), please call us at +81-776-97-9559


2.Telephone Number 
3.Email Address 
4.Arrival Date and Departure Date
5.Arrival Time (16:00-21:00)
6.Number of Guests
7.Room Types


3. Please wait for a reply from us.

※If we do not reply within 24 hours, please check your spam folder and email us again or call us.



Business Hours

For questions about your stay, check in, and check out (front desk hours).
8:00-10:00, 16:00-21:00
If necessary, we can help store your luggage outside of the above hours.


Check in

・All guest must check in by 21:00
・After 21:00, please be courteous and careful to not cause trouble to other guests


Important Points

・This building was made 60 years ago and is located in a quiet residential neighborhood.
・The shower, toilet, sink, and kitchen are shared for the entire building. You may cook for yourself. A dryer and free towels are also provided.
・We will provide sheets, pillow covers, etc. Please make your own bed before sleeping.
・There is no AC, but we will provide traditional Japanese methods for adjusting to the temperature.
・There is no smoking allowed within the building, but you are free to do so outside.



You may use the parking lot (2 parking spots) adjacent to SAMMIE’S for 500 yen per night. Please contact us if you would like to use the parking lot.




You may cancel for free up to 3 days from the first day of your stay.
If cancelling between 1-2 days before, you are reponsible pay 50% of your lodging.
If you cancel on the same day or do not contact us, you are responsible to pay 100% of your lodging.